SUPEERO product overview

SUPEERO Suspended Glass

SUPEERO Columns made of aluminium


Please download here SUPEERO project planning or request forms for the respective topics:

SL-Cantilever System

SL-System Gate

Sliding gate opener

Suspended Glass


We have provided SUPEERO tender texts for you here:

Suspended Glass


Find various plans and technical drawings for standard SUPEERO gates here. Please note that aside from the standardised gates, all other SUPEERO gates are individually planned and the dimensions vary depending on the project.

You'll also find plans awaiting completion of dimensions and customer names as a preview for your planning, such as those for RVS Gates, System Gates with fillings and Suspended Glass.

RVS Gate sample plan

System Gate with filling sample plan

Suspended Glass sample plan


Safety is a top priority for all SUPEERO gates. See the wide range of possible safety devices visualised for you here

Of course, when planning every SUPEERO gate, we help ensure that all current legal requirements are met during the initial planning phase. You will also find an overview of all safety devices on this page.

A: Blinking ligh
B: Emergency-stop-button
C: Damping profile and closing border protection with radio transmission system
D: Photocells

In order to ensure a standard-compliant SUPEERO sliding gate, the following safety devices are required and taken into account when preparing a quotation for individual requirements.

One-way photocells: EWLS AP4

Damping profile DP3

Closing border protection with radio transmission system: SL70 with DÜS

Blinking light: BL RB

Emergency-stop-button: NAG UP

Main switch: 4-pole HSG UP


Here we show you already completed SUPEERO gates in various designs. Please note that most of our completed projects have been cropped in order to protect the privacy rights of the owners and to comply with the privacy policy. We would be delighted to show you other completed SUPEERO gates personally.

RVS aluminium panel filling incl. powder coating

RVS banister filling with option for powder coating

Perforated plate

Steel with laser pattern

Aluminium panel filling incl. powder coating

Aluminium panel filling in wood look