The innovative RVS-Composite Frame System paves the way for screw-type, weld-free gate designs that are particularly stable, indestructible yet considerably easier to handle and install than conventional steel designs. This meticulously designed system consists of a basic carrier profile with internal reinforcement ribs into which additional metal plates can be inserted in line with the structural requirements.

Once the frame has been fully assembled, it is reinforced using end plates and permanently joined to the cover profile. All of the profiles that are used can be connected to each other in a concealed manner with invisible bolts. Even the smallest profile (30/30 mm) can be joined to the largest profile (150/150 mm). As such, it is possible to build customised gates using countless variations and connections.


  • Any conceivable gate design is possible, e.g.: superstructural gate bodies for sliding gates, swing gates, guide columns and communication and lighting columns

  • No corrosion thanks to the high-quality anodisation process

  • Stable, weld-free and concealed designs

  • All profiles are compatible with each other

  • Basic carrier profile with internal reinforcement ribs

  • Outstanding level of stiffness, torsional and load-bearing strength

  • A newly-developed union allows profiles to be separated and new unions to be fitted

  • The frame is strengthened by end plates

  • Permanent connection: The cover profile surrounds the basic carrier profile with locking catches

Design examples

Thanks to the intelligent Cantilever System and the unique RVS Composite Frame System, countless variable superstructural gate parts can be configured. Each gate can be perfectly integrated into its environment. Existing design features in the surrounding architecture can be reflected in the design of the gate.

With the RVS-Composite Frame System, it is possible to create any conceivable aluminium construction. Perforated plate or rod fillings, standard panels etc. are amongst the range of possible designs.