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We are receiving an increasing number of specific enquiries from architectural firms about our entrance gates. We offer a wide range of aluminium entrance gates, individually manufactured in Germany, as well as the corresponding accessories.

Of course, we will also be happy to take the time to personally deal with your request and look forward to your individual enquiry about our products. We can supply you with standard-compliant, automated swing and sliding gates as a complete system directly from the manufacturer and from a single source.

Contact person for architects:


Mr. Moritz Rees
Phone: +49 7472 9812-309

Request forms and tender texts

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Technical drawings


Please find below various plans and technical drawings for standard Berner sliding gates. Please note that all gates are planned individually and the dimensions vary depending on the project.

You will also find plans without dimensions and customer names as an advance view for your planning, as these may look for gates with bannisters, sliding gates with infills and suspended glass.

Sliding gates with bannister filling sample plan


Sliding gates with filling sample plan


Supsended glass sample plan


Foundation plan sliding gate


Safety devices


Safety is a top priority for all Supeero gates. See the wide range of possible safety devices visualised for you here.

Of course we contribute to the planning of every Supeero entrance gate to ensure that all current legal requirements are already met in the initial planning phase in order to install a safe gate that conforms to standards. For this purpose, the following safety devices are required and taken into account when preparing the offer according to the individual requirements.

1: Flashing light
2: Emergency stop switch
3: Main switch
4: Damping profile or active closing edge safety device
5: Light barriers

Um ein normkonformes Supeero-SL-Einfahrtstor zu installieren, werden die folgenden Sicherheitseinrichtungen benötigt und bei der Angebotserstellung nach den individuellen Anforderungen berücksichtigt.

Blinkleuchte: BL RB

Not-Aus Schalter: NAG UP

Hauptschalter: 4-polig HSG UP

Dämpfunsprofil: DP3

Schließkantensicherung mit
Funkübertragungssystem: SL70 mit DÜS

Modell EWLS AP4

Realised projects


Suspended glass
in the industrial sector

Industrial gate

Cube sliding gate with aluminum panel filling including powder coating

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