Berner Torantriebe has been a leading manufacturer of garage door openers and entrance gates for more than 60 years.

With its own production facility in Germany, Berner satisfies a wide range of customers' needs and offers practice-oriented solutions. First class quality, and the reliability of Berner products which comes with it, are ensured by using selected components, endurance testing, and careful final inspection.
This is the Berner team's plan for success, and is the most compelling reason for the great relationship we enjoy with our customers.

As a Berner customer, we want to inspire you with our service, our unique products and our passion for our work every single day. We are also happy to take unconventional, new paths and we always set challenging goals in the process. We want to be your ambitious partner who contributes to your success over the long term. We want our customers to feel at home with us. This is why the way you see things is particularly important to us.

We want to turn the brand into a great experience, an experience we can develop, share and enjoy with you. We look forward to your comments, improvements and many interesting discussions.

Berner Torantriebe represents:


Customer focus

Surprisingly different and unusually personal

We are happy to have you as our customer. Every single one of our employees does everything they can to achieve the best result for you. Our prime focus is making sure that we are always personally available. We are happy to take the time for you and your wishes. We not only want to thoroughly fulfil the expectations of our customers, we want to surpass them as well as continuously surprise them with new ideas and products.

The intensive contact with our customers is a matter particularly close to our hearts. After all, this is the only way we can personally cater to each and every individual. We are only satisfied if you are as well.


Above and beyond the product

For us, quality means more than just product quality. This is a matter of course for us and is ensured each day through innovative and efficient quality controls. In addition, our longstanding employees with their in-depth knowledge and creative ideas stand for the continuously increasing quality of the Berner brand. Innovative and reliable suppliers successfully round off this image.
For us, quality also means continuity and reliability, which is what we have been demonstrating every single day for more than 55 years.


Our employees make the difference

Each of us knows his strengths. Together we share knowledge and experiences in a trusting, open and honest setting. Qualified and motivated employees are a critical component for the success of our company. We strive to be better every day and fulfil the highest demands. This is why we continuously expand our skills and knowledge with individual professional training programmes. Our knowledge is your advantage.


Respond flexibly, operate proactively

We are always curious and open for changes. We communicate with our customers and colleagues directly, personally and responsibly. This allows us to quickly and easily respond to your expectations and requirements. Our versatility makes us a strong team that quickly implements customer wishes into market-driven solutions.

Team spirit

Loyalty and respect

Together we achieve more. We appreciate each other and transfer responsibility to each individual in the team. To ensure that this responsibility is always thoroughly fulfilled, we support and strengthen ourselves by sticking together. True team spirit unfolds through loyalty and respect. Each employee of our team has special strengths and expertise and always uses them for the benefit of our customers. That makes us a successful team and a reliable, strong partner.