The Berner History

This area provides you with information about the company history and product development of Berner Torantriebe. We have emphasised the facts for product development in italics.


Berner is expanding its product range to include high-quality, modern swing gates made of aluminium, perfectly matching the tried-and-tested Berner swing gate warranties. Since the beginning of the year, the new swing gates have been available in four different designs and 25 standard RAL colours.


Berner Torantriebe is turning 60 and will be celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2020 with its customers and business partners at its Rottenburg site. At the same time, the new premises will be inaugurated, which are expected to be completed in the first half of the year. As a further highlight, the completely redesigned GA opener series will be presented for the first time at the planned anniversary event on 19th September.


Berner goes XXL
On 6 May 2019, the first groundbreaking ceremony for the planned expansion of the office, production and storage areas by 2.500 m² took place. In our short film, you can see how the company building of the Berner Torantriebe KG will look like after the expansion and how all began.


From 1st August, SUPEERO will become part of Berner.
From then on, the SUPEERO brand will be transferred to Berner Torantriebe KG and will trade under this name.

The new GA403-G and GA403-TG openers for underground car parks with up to 75 parking spaces will be unveiled. They are particularly suitable for smaller residential and office buildings and have an integrated emergency battery that is always ready for use.


The SUPEERO entrance gate made of floating glass is undergoing significant further development and individualisation. A unique product that inspires everyone will be presented to the general public for the first time.


Introduction of Berner Secure Mobile App. The innovative possibility of operating and controlling many Berner products.

Since autumn 2016, SUPEERO-Systeme GmbH, previously based in Mössingen, has been part of the Berner Torantriebe company. SUPEERO's new headquarters are located in Rottenburg a.N. It is here that SUPEERO products are passionately developed and manufactured to the highest quality standards.


Development and presentation of the new bidirectional wireless technology, BiSure, which provides feedback on the door status for the first time. The new remote control generation with a tamper-proof transmission process, greater range and easy battery replacement makes its innovative mark on the future and additional new technologies are already in development.


Frank Kiefer becomes the new managing director of Berner Torantriebe KG.

The new GA series is presented and introduced to the market. The most important features are the entirely new energy-saving mode, the quick-open function and the innovative LED lighting.

GA series 2012: GA103 and GA203/GA403


Expansion and modernisation of production and storage facility by 2600 sqm.


Berner Torantriebe celebrates its 50th anniversary. With 34 employees, Berner has become an industry leader for door and gate openers and is a permanent fixture in the market. On this occasion, the company invited customers and business partners to celebrate a party with dance, magic and a festive dinner.

50-year celebration 2010


Berner Torantriebe GmbH becomes Berner Torantriebe KG


The new Blueline radio system has an impressively diverse range of applications and is easy to use. The remote control codes are copyable and can be managed, cloned and read with a programming device.


Introduction of the new 24 V swing and sliding gate openers for private applications. This offers a high measure of safety and comfort.

24 V swing and sliding gate openers 2007


Among the numerous pioneering innovations, the quick-open function of the GA series openers should be mentioned, as well as the continued development of the C series sliding gate openers and DA series swing gate openers with which safeguarding of the primary and secondary closing edges with sensitive bumpers is no longer necessary.

Berner Torantriebe 2006


The new trend-oriented garage door opener with 500 N for private applications is presented with the new design.

Mr Jürgen Ruppel takes over management of the company.
GA101 garage door opener 2005


Kurt Berner leaves the fate of the company in the hands of the Hörmann corporate group in order to assure continued development of the company. Under the management of the new owner, Berner remains independently operated under new Managing Director Wilhelm Burkhard.

The GA series of Berner garage door openers and the new opener rail with locking mechanism is successfully presented.

GA series garage door opener 2003


With the completion of development of hall sensor technology, the Mega-Safe is publicised. It is the first garage door opener with automatic power and distance recognition, automatic power adjustment to summer and winter periods and automatic warning in the event of a break-in. This opener was developed according to the latest EU standard drafts and already offered a high level of safety and accident prevention.

Mega-Safe garage door opener 1999


Beginning of hall sensor technology and development of microprocessor-controlled opener technology with limit-switch-free shut-off and automatic distance recognition.


Development of drives with microprocessor-controlled motor control unit


Founding of Berner Torantriebe GmbH.

Development of the first S50 solar unit with installation kit, prefabricated solar panel, battery and integrated charge control.


Founding of Berner Torantriebe Schweiz AG.

The AS series rounds out dependent development of end switches. The first opener in this sector with DSL technology (4 end switches), soft start, separate power regulation for door opening and closing and pioneering energy-saving circuit is produced.
AS series garage door opener 1991


The warehouse and production facility in Rottenburg a.N. is significantly expanded for the company's 30th anniversary.

Berner Torantriebe after production
facility expansion in 1990


The product range is expanded with openers for yard gates, gate barriers, parking space barriers and safety accessories


The company relocates to new commercial and production facilities in Rottenburg a.N. The garage door openers are manufactured on the first production line constructed single-handedly by the company. It is one of the most advanced lines of its time. At this time Berner already has a staff of 25 employees.

The BT garage door opener series is developed and presented. These new openers can be manufactured significantly faster and more efficiently with automation measures.
Berner Torantriebe 1987 and BT series garage door opener 1987


The K series is expanded with the soft-stop variant, the first opener that brakes the door shortly before closing in order to prevent the door from slamming.


The K series is developed and introduced to the market. It already incorporates the idea of new easy-to-adjust limit switch technology and has a service-friendly, plug-connected, processor-controlled motor control unit. Berner garage door openers become increasingly better performing, smaller and, most importantly, safer and in better quality. Drives for folding doors, for instance, that are frequently used in France and Scandinavia are also developed and patent-protected.

1975 - 1982

As a pioneer in the sector, Berner develops the legendary C-rail, which is currently used by other companies, as well. After primarily using 230 V AC motors, the use of 24 V DC motors is also tested. The advantages of the 24 V motor are impressive: very quiet, self-impeding, easily to control and regulate. UKW/UHF radio systems with a significantly greater range than earlier versions are also developed during this period.


The company's dependency as a supplier is felt distinctly during this difficult economic period. In order to counteract this situation, Kurt Berner decides that the company will develop and produce its own products and the first Berner garage door opener is produced. In subsequent years Berner Torantriebe switches its focus increasingly towards door and gate openers and successfully applies for patents for more than 10 innovations.

Berner BA series 1974

1960 - 1974

Founding of the company Kurt Berner Apparatebau by Kurt Berner in Ammerbuch-Altingen as a supplier for the metal industry. Production of machine assemblies begins in the 1960s with a dedication to special machine construction and the development of limit switches and controls for sliding gates.

Kurt Berner 1960