Convenience that you enjoy – Safety that you feel

Berner operators and accessories always stand for outstanding safety and first-class convenience. We have produced future-oriented opener concepts and first-class products in Rottenburg am Neckar for more than 60 years – Made in Germany. The unique Berner advantages are a good reason to choose a product from Berner.

Certified safety

Our openers are put through their paces and bear the TÜV and standard quality seal. They are additionally tested and certified according to DIN EN 13241-1 with the doors of all major door manufacturers.

Sensitive obstacle detection system

With the integrated, intelligent obstacle detection function, the gate detects obstacles, stops immediately. As a result, there is no risk of getting caught in the door.

The unique Berner rail

with integrated break-in protection

Mechanical locking mechanism
As soon as the garage door is closed the integrated locking mechanism automatically engages in the guide rail and thereby makes it impossible to pry the door up. This especially high level of break-in protection is achieved through purely mechanical means and always works – even without power.

Flexible rail system
The only 3 cm flat rail available in a freely selectable length is available with a proven polyester/polyamide toothed belt or alternatively with heavy-duty polyurethane V-belt with steel braid. Loud chain noises are a thing of the past.

Fully maintenance-free
Whether you choose the polyester/polyamide toothed belt or the heavy-duty V-belt with steel braid, both variants are completely noise-free and maintenance-free.

Emergency release
In the event of a power failure the door can be opened from the inside by hand at all times.

The right material
The special geometry and profile of the rail make warpage nearly impossible and guarantee the safe use and durability of your door system.

Fast and simple assembly
Our garage door openers are especially quick and easy to install. Only one single suspension point is required as a basic principle, even for very long rails.

Since 1960 - more than 60 years
of experience, expertise and quality

More than 60 years ago Berner Torantriebe KG began developing from a mechanical workshop into an international corporation with wide-ranging expertise in the area of door automation and has continuously set new standards with its inventions.

Made in Germany

All Berner products are exclusively developed and produced in Germany. This and much more guarantee the especially high quality, reliability and safety of our products.