Berner's thinking ahead


We're focussing on green electricity

That's why we've decided to cover all of our power needs using green electricity, which is generated up to 100 percent from renewable energies. Using green electricity sustainably improves the environment and climate footprint, while it also significantly reduces CO2 emissions and sends the right signals for a clean future.

Plus, using green electricity supports the expansion of renewable energies and contributes to making energy generation clean, safe and sustainable for future generations.

Recycling packaging conserves resources

We've also decided to think ahead when it comes to using packaging materials, and we're breaking new ground by using lightweight packaging made of paper, card and cardboard. Recycling the materials our company uses saved around 22,657 kilograms of resources and 2,922 kilograms of greenhouse gases in 2017.

With every step towards an improved environmental impact, no matter how small, we create awareness among everyone involved that it's important to work – sustainably and conscientiously – for a healthy climate. 

With these and other measures, Berner is committed to a better environment, and we'll continue to build on this important issue consistently in the future.

We have opted for recycled paper

Recycled paper is more and more frequently than sustainable and economical alternative to conventional papers in companies and public institutions. That is why we have decided to adopt an environmentally and economically responsible approach and use certified recycled paper. In many cases, even a small detail is decisive in striking a better environmental balance.

Minimal energy consumption for Berner garage door openers

Our new generation of openers is particularly energy efficient. The 0.5 W power consumption in standby mode ensures a considerable reduction in power consumption and effectively costs only approx. €1 per year. The opener is fully functional and ready for use 24/7; just the push of a button on the remote control is enough to set the door in motion (only with GA203/403).

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