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Our extensive range of accessories enables you to open your entrance gate in a variety of ways:
Via wireless or wire-bound connection.



1-channel remote control
BDS210, with orange LED, incl. ring eyelet, with bidirectional encryption method (BiSure).

2-channel remote control
BDS220, with orange LED and status display, incl. ring eyelet, with bidirectional encryption method (BiSure).

4-channel remote control
BDS240, with orange LED and status display, incl. ring eyelet, with bidirectional encryption method (BiSure).

Miniature remote control
2-channel remote control BDS120 with bidirectional encryption (BiSure).

4-channel remote control
BDS140 with bidirectional encryption (BiSure).

5-channel remote control
BDS150 with bidirectional encryption (BiSure).

Mini remote control
The Blue opal BHS153 5-channel mini remote control in an attractive metal housing with blue LED controls up to 5 applications.

The BHS121 2-channel remote control
6-channel industrial remote control
BDS160, BiSure technology; mixed operation possible (BiSure/fixed code); adaptive; completely copyable; scope of delivery incl. belt clip and lanyard

15-channel industrial remote control
BDS160, BiSure technology; mixed operation possible (BiSure/fixed code); adaptive; completely copyable; scope of delivery incl. belt clip and lanyard

Blue car BHS211 and BHS221
are available with 1 or 2 channels and fit in your car's cigarette lighter.
Radio code keypad 10 channel
BDS690, with film keypad, black housing

Radio code keypad 10 channel illuminated
BDS691/BDS691-W with stainless-steel keypad, white or black housing

Wireless indoor button 2 channel
BDS624/BDS624-W white housing or black

Wireless indoor button 6 channel
BDS664/BDS664-W with status display, white housing or black

Wireless Keypad
Our BHS591 wireless keypads with illuminated keys control up to 4 openers.

Wireless interior switch
The BHS421 wireless interior switch has 2 pulse buttons for the control of 2 openers. It can be connected to up to 2 controllers, which are switched on/off with a switch.

Radio receiver
Modular 3-channel radio receiver for 230 V, 1000 storage spaces.

Wired controllers


Key switch
Our large selection of SLÜ23/2 and SLÜ24/2 key switches enables simple access to your garage via key contact.

Fingerprint readers
The FSCAN100 fingerprint scanning system controls up to 2 door openers by means of a fingerprint scan. It has a capacity for up to 100 fingerprints, in which case each can be deleted on an individual basis. All stored data remains saved even in the event of a power loss.

Transponder switch
Our TTR1 and TTR1000 1-channel transponder switches control your garage door completely contact-free. Two transponder keys are included; up to 1000 keys can be logged in and out.

Electric locks

Electric lock
12 V and 24 V



One-way light barriers for inside and outside
The one-way light barrier is suitable for use in outside areas and serves as an additional safety device.
Rubber profiles
Rubber profiles with foot trap protection for the optical closing edge protective device.
Closing edge protective devices
Electrical closing edge protective device with aluminium profile, self-monitoring.
Emergency Stop button
Emergency Stop button in surface-mounted housing

Berner BiSure radio technology

Who hasn't been there before? It is raining, you have a bunch of shopping bags and just want to get inside quickly. Once in the house, you are not sure whether you actually closed the garage door or entrance gate. Our new BiSure radio technology simply and clearly shows you whether the door is open or closed with an LED on the remote control and closes it at a push of the button, if necessary (not with GA101 battery, GA103).
Door position notification only possible with GA203, GA403, DA20, DA40 and C300 - C800.

Berner Secure Mobile App

With the Berner Secure Mobile App you can operate Berner wireless products easily and intuitively via smartphone, tablet and PC (app-compatible). You conveniently control access gates, lighting and much more with a single tap of the finger - anytime, anywhere.

Sensitive obstacle detection system

With the integrated, intelligent obstacle detection function, the door detects obstacles, stops immediately and automatically raises again. As a result, the possibility of getting caught in the door is eliminated (garage door openers, GA501, DA20, DA40 and C300 - C800).

Increased break-in protection

When the door closes, the mechanical lock latches into the limit stop of the guide rail and makes it impossible to raise the door from outside, an effective safeguard - even without power (only with garage door openers, but not with GA901).

Minimal energy consumption

Our new generation of openers is particularly energy efficient. The 0.5 W power consumption in standby mode ensures a considerable reduction in power consumption and effectively costs only approx. €1 per year. The opener is fully functional and ready for use 24/7; just the push of a button on the remote control is enough to set the door in motion (only with GA203/403).

Robust and powerful

The new openers from Berner open even larger doors than before, effortlessly. Up to 1000 N of force guarantees extra power and ensures you are never left sitting in front of a closed door.

Rail with toothed belt or V-belt

The only 3 cm flat rail available in a freely selectable length is available with a proven polyester/polyamide toothed belt or alternatively with heavy-duty polyurethane V-belt with steel braid. Loud chain noises are a thing of the past (only with garage door openers and GA501).

Up to 5 year guarantee

Duration of the guarantee
In addition to the statutory warranty provided by the dealer from the bill of sale, we provide the following partial guarantee from the date of purchase:

5 years on garage door openers with up to 200,000 cycles: opener mechanism, motor and control unit.
2 years on other products such as radio, pulse transmitters, accessories, batteries and other systems

There is no claim to a guarantee on consumables (e.g. fuses, batteries, bulbs). Claims under warranty do not extend the guarantee. The guarantee period for replacement deliveries and subsequent improvement work is six months,
but at least the remaining term of the guarantee.

LED light

The LED lighting, which comes as standard, is substantially brighter, while using significantly less energy. With nearly 100,000 operating hours, it is especially long-lasting and environmentally-friendly (only GA203/403).

Quick-OPEN function

The integrated quick-open function opens your garage door in seconds, up to 50% faster than competing openers. This means short waiting times for you, as well as making it possible to enter and exit the garage both rapidly and safely (only GA203/403 and GA501).

Certified safety

Our openers are put through their paces and bear the TÜV and standard quality seal. They are additionally tested and certified according to DIN EN 13241-1 with the doors of all major door manufacturers (only GA203/403).

Clear menu guidance

The opener can be taught in and programmed by the simple press of a button and a new menu system. That means everyone is capable of quickly activating and operating it - which saves you time and money. The conscious decision not to allow external operation makes it impossible to inadvertently adjust the system and guards against unauthorised access (not GA101 battery, GA103, DA20/40, C300-800).

Soft start and soft stop

The standard, integrated soft start and soft stop function provides a quiet and gentle operation and is a guarantee for durability and function (except for 400 V openers).

Fully automatic power regulation

With a Berner garage door opener, your garage door develops an independent learning behaviour. With changes to the door, e.g. due to humidity or sluggish movement, the opener adapts its behaviour to the altered conditions and always remains operationally safe and functionally reliable (GA openers, GA501, DA20, DA40, C300 - C800).

Partial opening function

The freely programmable second opening height as a partial opening function is especially practical for garages that have no other ventilation options like windows or side doors. It guarantees a better room climate and prevents the accumulation of moisture in the garage.

The Berner accessory range


The comprehensive range of accessories from Berner door openers.
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